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Avalon.Investments believes in the efficiency of automated trading.


Avalon.Investments (founded in 2019) market-proven Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the first cohesive and actionable set of crypto AI/ML techniques to service the blockchain investment market.

Avalon.Investments solutions are designed to scale with the increasing size of different crypto assets available for trading. As the number of coins continues to grow so will our ability to filter the noise of market activity and provide valuable data on all developments.

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How it works?

Features of Avalon.Investments

We develop and distribute high performance, AI driven trading strategies and bots.

Lower Transaction Costs

A decentralized platform available to customers and companies with lower transaction payments and operational expenses.

C2C Transactions

C2C operations are easy, speedy and safe with Avalon.Investments. Fully automated clients based custody. Contact us via [email protected] for details and check out our FAQ.


We offer tactical investment strategies that are based on trend methodology. We aim to enter every LARGE (10%; 50%) trend at the beginning of it, and not to exit in the middle. We utilize AI-led smart filters to detect false breakouts and not to miss real trends.